After 7 years, Google snatched my Ice Cream Convos YouTube page claiming I violated their community terms. I have NO CLUE what they are accusing me of or even what the violation is.
I submitted an appeal (because I was sure it was an error on their part) and they denied it. Bih whet?!
7 years of content, 7 years of work, 7 years of subscribers gone and I have no earthly clue why.
The timing was interesting as this was the first month I truly started earning some decent coins from views of my videos.
Game recognizes game, Google.
I am…ahem….I was completely disheartened by this BS – then I took ownership of my mistake.
I promised myself a few years back that I would never invest my heart, soul, work and time into something that someone else could snatch away from me and leave me powerless.
I was slipping and paid for it dearly. The good news YouTube didn’t make me so it surely won’t break me. 
Hopefully, you can learn from my unfortunate experience.

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